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Miric Biotech: About

Ayurveda is a science of life and it helps in healing and precautions of health issues. Ayurveda is a science which majorly runs on two basic factors:-

  • Doshas
  • Gunas

These factors help the user to get the guide to the right track how he needs to focus on his life and daily routine.

Miric Biotech Ltd. is a company which works on the same principle and focuses on the factor that how and why a person should opt for ayurveda and its benefits. The products

manufactured by Miric Biotech products one of the best available and out of the range of 350 products one can get a solution for almost every basic health issues. The main motto of the company is to provide a better and healthy life to their customers and leading them towards Ayurveda, which is our heritage.


Miric Biotech Ltd. company manufactures products focusing on ayurveda and other related pharmacy and biotech products. The company has its own good and long term relations with many companies who have been given the contract to manufacture the products thus ensuring the quality to the utmost level.


Miric Biotech Ltd. on regular basis keeps a check on the quality of the product with the help of its R&D department and it also works to identify the new possible and potential products required for the market. New formulations and compositions are always in research to explore the best possible results of a product and to ensure the result to the level of perfection.